Donating an Item for Auction

This site and the proceeds it raises is 100% dependant on voluntary donations of auction lots that are contributed by members of the order - If you have an item that you would like to donate for auction you can do so in three easy steps.

  • First take a photo or two and post it on our Facebook Page or message me direct 
  • Include a short description of the item
  • After auction ends you will be contacted with the winners address simply post the item to them and let us know the cost of postage which will be refunded.

Items do not need to be of a Masonic nature we have successfully auctioned a range of items from books, prints, collectors plates, coin,  to holidays as well as masonic items. Remember  one mans junk is another mans treasure.

If you can donate please do so it makes the auction more fun and more profitable for the deserving charities we support. 

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